8 Ways to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen


If you’re obsessed with beautifully-designed spaces, then chances are, you’ve scrolled through thousands of Instagram posts for ideas or scoured the internet looking for the design of your ideal home. Either way, you appreciate spaces that inspire you and pique your creativity. 

With so many ideas and so little time, we curated eight ways to make your home look and feel amazing. 

We’ve already shared how you can create an Instagram-worthy bedroom before, so now, we’re moving on to another exciting segment: the kitchen. The place where (good or bad) cooking ideas come to life, where families can bake to their hearts desire, and where memories over a good meal are made. 

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and in this regard, the way it is styled can really bring out the diverse flavors of life!

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen

Photo source: Instagram | @brookewagnerdesign

Before we jump into our tips, let’s start with some ground rules. Two points to make a standout kitchen: cleanliness and the perception of space. 

1. Declutter away and make a kitchen space that looks sleek – start with a blank canvas. Of all the rooms in any house, the kitchen is one you should clean regularly in order to keep your home free from odors, pests, and bacteria. To do this, first, get rid of things that crowd your pantry, cabinets, and countertops. Take everything out of the pantry. Organize them in piles before disposing of them. We suggest having a ‘keep, donate, trash’ pile for easier upkeep. Next, clean out your countertops before doing the same with your crockery and cutlery. 

You’ll also want to organize your kitchen cabinets by grouping similar items together. All plates together in one area, and wine glasses in another. Do the same for baking goods, bowls, condiments, and more. This will instantly make your space look better and easy on the eyes. 

Look out for storage solutions that not only  serve as a stylish addition to your space, but one that is functional too. We’re talking hidden drawers, perfectly fitted spice racks, and secretly hidden recycling bins.

Want to learn more? Drop by our decluttering guide to get a step-by-step walkthrough to creating a well-organized kitchen. 

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - uncluttered open shelves

Photo source: Instagram | @primaverakitchen

2. Embrace an open concept – this point encourages interaction. It creates a space where people can move comfortably as it seamlessly blends the kitchen and the dining room. In it, people can prepare their meals together and easily chat over the counter. This setup can also make your kitchen look larger than it actually is. 

You can achieve this by making sure that all details are consistent. Your colors, decor, and accents should carry over from your kitchen to your dining room.

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - open flow to dining area

Photo source: Instagram | @ginny_macdonald

Now that we have established these ground rules, let’s move on to creative and kitchen-targeted ways to make this a beautiful and inviting space for your home. 

Whether your kitchen needs a bit of a makeover or you just want to add some finishing touches, these tips can help bring the “wow” factor you’ve been wanting. Read on to discover the ingredients to creating your very own Instagram-worthy kitchen.

1. Open shelves for your eye-catching china, pottery, or vintage cookware

While we’re all about keeping your kitchen clean, it’s definitely not about being plain. Rather, this allows you to intentionally add design elements that enhance your space instead of overcrowding it. 

One creative way to spice up your kitchen is by opting for open shelves. Whether that means a collection of monochromatic dishes, or a colorful one, openly displaying them can make your kitchen look warm and welcoming. Not to mention, make it feel more ‘you’. Our suggestion? Display your collection of decorative items, china, pottery, or vintage cookware for an interesting eye-catcher and conversation-starter. 

Having this space to show off your unique tea cups, beautiful wine glasses, and art pieces is a great way to add personality to your home. Just remember to take them down from time to time in order to clean the items and upper shelves to prevent dust from piling up. 

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - decorative open shelves

Photo source: Instagram | @tramp.studio

Organizing your kitchenware on open shelves is also a great storage solution that can make your space look incredibly chic. This setup isn’t only budget-friendly, but can also create a feeling that makes your kitchen appear larger, brighter, and more spacious. 

For the shelves that can be easily reached, go for items that you frequently use – plates, glasses, cups, and bowls. No more rummaging through cabinets and drawers to find that trusty spatula or your favorite casserole this time around.

If you’re still unsure on where you stand with open shelves, you can always have a cupboard with a glass cover to replicate the functional and aesthetic benefits of open shelving. With this, you can be more liberal with how you place your items.

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - decorative glass shelves

Photo source: Instagram | @emilyhartphoto

2. Add a breakfast nook and banquette seating 

An open and cozy kitchen is one that creates a lot of opportunities for the family to gather around, cook together, and tell stories. It’s becoming more of a necessity in the way we live today and how we value human connection.

That said, have some extra space in your kitchen where people can gather and enjoy a cup of coffee together. Even in a small kitchen, an area near a window can create a nice outdoor feeling. To enhance it further, add built-in seating and decorate it with an assortment of throw pillows  to create a place with lots of visual interest. Place some fresh flowers on the table as a finishing touch as well. 

If you are looking for something simpler, then slide a bench against the wall and add a small table. Try out a bright checkered table cloth and some simple decor to cozy up the place. Having a space like this doesn’t only create a beautiful area within your kitchen, but it also creates a sanctuary for everyday activities and casual get-togethers. 

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - small and sunny banquette seating

Photo source: Instagram | @krantzdesigns

3. Let unique appliances shine 

Make your kitchen unforgettable by adding unique appliances like a vintage oven or a retro-inspired refrigerator. These elements add a charming nostalgic feel that blends the old and the new. Plus, they go well with your display of cookware and beautifully-designed dishware. 

By incorporating these stunning pieces, you’re sure to create a more interesting space and one that will catch the attention of all your dinner guests. 

Photo source: Instagram | @smegnordic

Appliances like a bright red kitchenaid mixer is also a classy way to upgrade your kitchen. It is a timeless and iconic piece that adds function, beauty, and an opportunity to create great baking experiences. If you’re not into red, they have lots of colors to choose from. 

Choose appliances that work well with your lifestyle. If you’re always in a rush and want a quick omelet then go for an omelet maker that matches with the color scheme in your kitchen. Going for a healthy lifestyle and want a juicer to make it more convenient for you? Get a well-designed juicer that looks great in your space. 

4. Play with contrasting colors to brighten up your kitchen

Next, you can never go wrong with creating an interplay of light and dark colors. Going for this two-toned approach is a great way to add a pop of color to a minimalist home, and for balancing a more colorful maximalist space.  

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - two-toned color approach

Photo source: Instagram | @jennfeldmandesigns

Take a look at the image above. This is frequently seen in modern farmhouse-inspired kitchens, where the two complementing colors go hand-in-hand to create a contemporary space that works well with other key elements of this authentic style. It makes it an ideal backdrop to large ovens, butcher-block countertops, deep sink basins, and rustic ornaments we’ve come to love with this aesthetic.

In line with the modern farmhouse style, you can also add more barstools to give extra space for family and friends to gather. This simple element creates a modern look to elevate your kitchen space.

Going for a coastal look? In the image below, the kitchen uses white tiles and walls as a simple backdrop to the rich blues of the drawers and the wooden finish of the kitchen island. While the brass details in the light fixtures and handles make the space look more chic and stylish. 

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - contrasting colors

Photo source: Instagram | @eyeforpretty

Don’t be afraid to be more bold when it comes to choosing patterns or prints since it can be a great way to instantly breathe new life into your space. We’re talking about adding intricate stencils that stand out against white tiles or adding a funky element to your island to inject some personality without making it too overwhelming. 

Take this kitchen on the left, for example. The colorful detailing on the backsplash creates a focal point in the space. While the copper in the lighting and brass accents add undeniable charm to the overall design. 

Whereas the design on the right utilizes dark marble for the countertop and backsplash to add more contrast to the otherwise neutral interior.

Photo source: Instagram | @ryangarvin (left) | @stefanisteinia (right)

5. Add some drama with eclectic industrial lighting and striking accents

Details matter when it comes to creating your dream kitchen. Building from the previous point, switching out some elements for a more colorful and eclectic feel can do wonders here.

We’re talking about another important point, lighting. Take the appeal of industrial lighting – big, bold, with a lot of character. Did we mention, hard to miss? Industrial lighting matches well with a simple aesthetic and complements metal finishes. Copper or brass like the one below are classic choices. They are perfect for adding a splash of brightness with a sophisticated look. 

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - striking industrial lighting

Photo source: Instagram | @parkandoakdesign

Hanging pendant lights are also a fan favorite and a design trend that we don’t see slowing down anytime soon. It’s not just an attractive choice but also provides functionality for tasks in the kitchen like reading recipes and preparing food. Don’t they also remind you of beach houses and vacation homes?

Use your kitchen furniture as an opportunity to introduce striking accents. Go for bright red barstools or deep brown leather chairs to complement your wood accents. Additionally, having polished gold hardware for your handles and sink adds luxurious touches throughout your space.

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - gold and brass lighting design

Photo source: Instagram | @ginny_macdonald

6. Be creative and decorate with food, fruits, and cookbooks

Draw from what you use to decorate your kitchen. For those who cook a lot, you might be using a variety of grains, beans, and spices. If so, ditch the original packaging it was in and use glass cannisters to organize them. This simple hack can showcase interesting colors and textures to make your kitchen feel more warm and inviting. 

In line with this, add a bowl of fruit on your countertop, on your kitchen island, or on a shelf. Doing this will not only reduce chances of spoiling, but will also add vibrant hues to your kitchen. Fruits like bananas, guavas, mangoes, melons, peaches, and persimmons are among the varieties that are better left on your counter. They could add color along with flowers or even replace them altogether if you’re not really into caring for flora.

You can also decorate your space with your favorite cookbooks or two, neatly placed on the counter. Like coffee table books in your living room! Feel free to add a framed picture of your family or an art piece or two to liven up the place. Add more of what makes you happy. If that means items with sentimental value like an antique vase or a box of recipes, go for it. Simply remember to refrain from overcrowding your space. 

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - open shelves with decorative accessories

Photo source: Instagram | @lindseybrookedesign

7. Create your very own coffee or tea station 

If you’re a coffee lover, consider adding a coffee station for your daily grind. Place your coffee machine on the corner or on a section of your counter that’s already separated. If you have an empty cabinet or pantry nearby, then dedicate this to all your coffee items. That said, it’s the perfect spot to place your mugs, or if you prefer, mug-racks or tiered server. 

You can also use matching containers to hold your coffee grounds or pods, creamers, and sugar to maintain a clean and aesthetically pleasing set up. Alternatively, you can opt for transparent glass containers so you can easily know when it’s time to replenish your stash.

It would also be a good idea to allot your extra cupboard or a built-in drawer for all your back up coffee necessities to quickly refill the coffee machine. 

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - your very own coffee station

Photo source: Instagram | @rustbeltrestorationwny

If you don’t have extra cupboard space, place your coffee set up in a coffee cart. This way, you can easily move it to an empty area in your kitchen and still make your place spacious enough. Maybe even roll it out to your WFO space! 

And what do we always say? Make sure to keep this area clean by placing your other things like spoons and spare coffee gear in a storage space near your station.

On the other hand, if you’re an avid tea drinker and maybe into the coastal grandmother vibe, then create a special space in your kitchen to prepare and enjoy your tea in style. You can do this by gathering your utensils like your teacups, stirrers, teaspoons, and tea strainer in one place – a cupboard or the corner of your kitchen counter will do.

Create an impression with your tea station by choosing decorative tea sets, pots, or trays. Traditional tea sets are an impressive eye-catcher. These matching sets are very convenient and a charming way to add color and personality to this small slice in your kitchen. 

Just like our previous tip on keeping appliances that help your lifestyle, add an electric kettle to your set up so you can always heat water quickly when you’re in a hurry.

Photo source: Instagram | @living_decidly (left) | @systemsbysusie (right)

To keep your tea organized, you can stash each tea blend in an airtight container or use bamboo drawer dividers. These methods are oh-so neat ways to store your sugar, stirrers, and other accessories. Having this system also keeps you from overbuying different tea packs, as we know tea lovers tend to do (guilty!). 

8. Then, balance with natural elements

Wood and other natural elements or finishes can make your kitchen feel cozy and wholesome with a touch of elegance. So, swap out a few pieces in your kitchen with woven fabrics, wicker, or rattan furniture. 

Use these natural touches for your cabinets, storage boxes, shelving, and counters. Wooden elements, from the floor to ceiling, can give your space a lived-in and comfortable feeling. It can make your kitchen feel light and breezy like a breath of fresh air. 

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - impressive natural elements

Photo source: Instagram | @thevenetianpantry

You can also use dark wood to give your space a modern feel. But if your kitchen is on the smaller side, then opt for rustic oak wood color and green hues for a more natural vibe that won’t make your space feel cramped. 

Another option is stone to add a touch of nature into your kitchen. From using this for your backsplash, flooring or accent wall, you add a variety of texture into your space. Along with stone, you can also opt for brick walls to emphasize the rustic feel of your home. While brick may not be natural per se, it does go well with all the organic kitchen designs. 

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - brick accent wall

Photo source: Instagram | @dzekdzekdzek

Perfectly complementing these organic elements are dramatic flowers that have their own unique flair. Or use a variety of hanging and potted plants to add green into your space. Incorporating indoor plants to your space is also one of the biggest home and wellness trends online as it helps you calm down and relax. Plus, plants are incredibly easy to style. You can place your houseplants in any awkward space and it can still add color and natural beauty. At the same time, don’t be shy to use dry flowers or artificial ones if your kitchen doesn’t get plenty of natural light.

Another fun way to bring more greenery to your kitchen is through an herb garden! Bring fresh parsley, oregano, dill, and green onions. These herbs won’t only make your kitchen and your pasta look good, but it can also make your kitchen smell great as well. 

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen - with natural elements

Photo source: Instagram | @jhinteriordesign

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