Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom


Our bedrooms are our private sanctuaries. A space where we spend most of our time and where we want to spend the most time in. 

Everything about your bedroom should spell you. In terms of style, it shows off your personality, taste and preferences. When it comes to comfort, it’s set up to the degree you need it at that encourages both rest and motivation for you. Some bedrooms even have a signature scent that can immediately be associated with its owner; if this is you – amazing. 

While we want our bedrooms to look great and maybe, just be a bit Instagrammable, one other very important aspect shouldn’t be overlooked – it should have good energy. This aura of positivity and good vibes is what will make you truly embrace your own private space. 

So then, how do you attract this good feng shui and energy into your bedroom?

We’ll show you 12 simple dos and don’ts to ensure your bedroom not only gets those positive energy flowing rightly; but will also match any design style you’ve got going. 

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Collov Home Design

However, before getting started, you might want to do some quick decluttering first. In the process, also cleanse its negative energy by burning some sage or cedar. After that, you’re ready with a clean foundation in building your bedroom’s chi (life energy). 

Here are those tips we promised.

1. Position your bed for good Feng Shui

In bedroom feng shui, the most important piece of furniture you should pay attention to is your bed. According to feng shui experts, sleeping is when your ‘third eye’ awakens and your vital life force explores the area through a higher level of consciousness. As such, the placement of your bed dictates the main energy source in your bedroom that directly affects your own energy too.

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

First, put your bed in a commanding position. This means, when you lie in bed, you should see your bedroom door but not directly in line with it. That last bit is very important – no sides of your bed should hit your door and especially not the foot. Set the bed at a diagonal to the door because you don’t want your door opening directly to your bed. Apart from avoiding the fast flow of chi and disrupting your sleep, this avoids the ‘coffin position’ where your feet point out the door – because that’s how the dead are carried out.

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Second, the head of your bed must rest on a solid wall – giving a feeling of protection. Make sure it’s a full wall and avoid positioning your bed under a window. The movement of energy in and out of a window breaks off the feeling of protection and might lead to troubled sleep. Also, not against a wall where the toilet is on the other side. 

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Third, take notice of your bedroom ceiling. Are there any slopes, low beams, skylights, slanted designs, high shelves or even ceiling fans? Avoid placing your bed under these objects or sharp angles. Uneven areas are also blockers to the flow of chi – they relate to ‘sha’ energy which can drain your energy. Plus, sharp or sudden angles near your head will also disrupt peaceful nights. 

2. Invest in a headboard

In a similar vein to getting that feeling of protection, a headboard also optimizes feng shui. As a symbol of support in life, make sure the headboard is firmly attached to your bed if the design doesn’t originally come with it. 

A solid wooden headboard and frame with curved edges is one design you could go for. Natural wood element suggests that nature supports your energy and life. Curved edges soften the approach to ensure it doesn’t ‘cut’ your chi while you’re relaxing – don’t go for those heavy iron or steel headboards. If you want a more welcoming feel to the area, you can always opt for a fabric style headboard as padding with wood underneath.

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Kam Idris

3. Remove those sharp corners

Following the soft curves of your headboard, don’t put any sharp edges or angles in your decor and bedroom furniture. These could ‘cut’ the flow of energy in your space. As your energy expands in all directions, you’ll want the chi to flow uninterrupted so that it can circle around you, allowing you to absorb more of it. 

These sharp angles should be most avoided when pointed directed to the bed because it is like taking aim on you when you’re in your most vulnerable state – passive ‘yin’ or resting. Similarly, you can reduce angles further by having arched windows or rounded chairs and couches. 

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Edelle Bruton

4. Avoid clutter under the bed

Clutter hinders the flow of chi – and this is especially true in your bedroom. Just as you remove all those threatening aspects above your bed, you should also clear the pathway of energy under it. 

Usually, when people store items under the bed, it’s those that are not regularly used, or probably, mementos – like letters from ex-lovers or old forgotten items. Luggages and shoes symbolize movement which may make you feel like you’re always on-the-go, not quite resting or feeling at home. These could represent blocks to your subconscious and affect your sleep and dreams when you’re in your resting ‘yin’ state. Without you knowing, these may be causing you unnecessary stress and headaches too. 

Therefore, for an unhindered flow of chi and an uncluttered mind, clear the immediate surrounding areas of your bed, even removing storage under it. If space is truly limited, store softer, sleep-related items like beddings or extra blankets, pillows and throws instead.

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Pexels | Daria Shevtsova

5. Decorate in pairs

Bedroom feng shui follows the concept of symmetry. An effect that is said to be harmonizing. As you get two nightstands, two lamps, two armchairs or seats, you create balance and equality in your bedroom. Design your bedroom for two – even if you’re currently not in a relationship, this will promote or enhance it. 

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Sidekix Media

6. Don’t hang a mirror

One big no-no decor in the bedroom is a mirror. Feng shui experts said that mirrors have reflective energy and activation powers that encourage movement – that means it promotes the ‘yang’ energy in a space where you would want to cultivate the ‘yin’. Because of this, it could disrupt your sleep.

Additionally, you should avoid placing a mirror in front of your bed or above it because it is said to invite a third person into a space for two. Someone who could interfere in your marriage or relationship. Imagine getting up, still feeling quite drowsy from sleep, then you look up and might shock yourself as you see your reflection in the mirror.

As it increases the energy in the space, feng shui dictates that you should cover mirrors up at night to prevent misfortune. Because, if you currently have bad vibes or negative energy, the mirror will add into it. If you must have a mirror in your bedroom, you can face it out a window so that it can help reflect daylight back into your room. Or add a decorative screen in front of it to block it off, especially at night. 

7. No looming furniture

You’ll want to feel a sense of clarity in your bedroom. As such, those large, oppressive, looming furniture should be avoided. Giant cabinets and bookshelves are best kept out. Apart from the possibility of adding to clutter with stacks of books, small decor or random items you placed on it then forget, overpowering furniture pieces block chi and hinders your energy from expanding. 

When choosing a shelf in your bedroom, go for those lowered shelves that still allow you to see above it. Or those you’ll probably want to decorate prettily rather than stuff full of books and random objects. Don’t get me wrong, I love books. Always got one on my nightstand. But you have to remember that books generate active energy and too much of that ‘yang’ will stimulate your mind, preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Kelcie Papp

8. Home gym equipment and electronics are out

Similar to books, these also produce a lot of active energy. Keep those workout equipment out or safely stored in a chest or box to shield your space from their energy as you rest. For gadgets and electronics, if you only have one computer and a phone, that should be fine as long as you keep them turned off and closed when you sleep. Or, you can place your laptop in the sleeve and cover your desktop. 

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Brian Wangenheim

9. Choose colors intentionally 

Another big player in feng shui is color. However, in order to optimize the best color scheme for your room, you’ll need a ‘bagua map’ – a chi map. 

According to the map, there are different ‘zones’ in a single space that have its own significance and energy needs. A bagua map is usually used based on the main front door entrance to your home or apartment. For example, if talking about ‘wealth’ – its location is in the southeast area of your house with its main element being wood; so you’ll want to decorate it with plants or muted blues and greens. 

The same can be said for your bedroom. Check where your bedroom is positioned in your entire house or apartment and you’ll be able to pinpoint the ‘zone’ it falls into. Fulfilling the feng shui needs of your space based on the bagua map is said to be able to promote your physical, psychological and spiritual self.

However, if this is becoming too complicated for you. There’s an easier way – simply choose tranquil colors, mostly in muted or pale shade to enhance the ‘yin’ energy. Go for earth and skin tones (like the Japandi approach), and complement it with slight touches of peach, soft blues, and pale greens.

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Isaac Martin

10. Take into account bed linen colors too

Color selection comes into play for your bedsheets, linens and blankets too. Since you spend upwards of eight hours resting on your bed, you’ll want to surround yourself with that calming, passive energy as you rest. 

You can follow the previous point on this one. And in addition, a safe bet is to veer away from dark, very saturated colors like black and deep navy or gray – which might attract negative energy according to traditional feng shui practices. You’ll also want to tone down on the stimulation so less bright colors like reds and yellows, only little touches of these will suffice. 

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Devon Janse van Rensburg

11. Keep water features out

Apart from mirrors, what is another big no-no in the bedroom? Water features. This feng shui taboo doesn’t only refer to actual small fountains or aquariums, it’s everything. No pictures and paintings of any type of body of water; nor of any ships or boats on water. You should also avoid those miniature ship displays in a bottle too. 

Water is a powerful element. Its strong energy can disrupt the peaceful setting you’re aiming to have. Plus, water extinguishes fire; so, this could spell a mighty barrier for your passion. However, if you really want to have a touch of water in your bedroom, put it in your en suite. 

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Annie Spratt

12. Limit houseplants

Indoor plants are a trend nowadays. You can have this in your bedroom but limit it to one or two only. Living greenery is associated with nature and the wood element befitting the earthy approaches in bedroom feng shui design. Plus, their restorative energy and vibrant colors can help increase good vibes in your space. 

However, it is also because of this reason that feng shui experts recommend keeping it at just a minimum. While pretty to look at, these houseplants are said to be very ‘yang’ – their energy is strong and very growth-oriented which can sometimes fight the relaxing vibe. This is especially true if you pick those prickly plants or driftwoods with sharp leaves and edges. If you’re a plant lover, go for indoor plants with soft, curved leaves.

Attracting Good Feng Shui into your Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Sergio Ruiz

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