MODERN FARMHOUSE Interiors: What Is It and How To Do It at Home


More and more people are looking to embrace interior design styles that exude a sense of comfort during these trying times. There is more appreciation for simple and cozy spaces that make the home feel a little more relaxed.

With that, we give you: Modern Farmhouse, the balance of minimalist and shabby chic, refined and casual.

Simply put, the Modern Farmhouse style captures the homey interiors of traditional country living while giving it a contemporary twist.

Rooted in minimalism, practicality, and comfort, the modern farmhouse style is one that creates a home that is rustic, warm, and full of charm. With a few simple steps, you will be able to transform your home with this style as well.

modern farmhouse interior design style

Photo source: John Merkl

To understand more about this interior design style, let’s first start with a brief history of the Farmhouse style

Before it became an interior design trend, the Farmhouse style was considered more as a practical housing option for early settlers in Europe back in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was intended to provide a sturdy shelter for farmers and their families.

These early farmhouses were often built with locally sourced, readily available materials like wood and stone. As a pleasant and simple interior design approach, it made a comfortable place easy to come home to.

Eventually, it was adapted to small farms in the rapidly growing agricultural space in America, where practical, functional, and easily constructed homes were also needed. Later on, the Industrial Revolution allowed for the transport of different building materials to rural areas.

Modern farm equipment gave a much appreciated helping hand to farmers so they could relax more at home. Consequently, they found more time on their hands and directed this attention to enhancing their homes. 

Which would then be the inspiration of the farmhouse aesthetic we know and love today.
modern farmhouse interior design style

Photo source: Better Homes & Gardens (BHG)

So then, what is the Modern Farmhouse style?

Modern Farmhouse style is a fresh take on the country living-inspired home. It combines the sleek, clean lines of contemporary, minimalist design with the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that farmhouse style creates.

We could say; it’s the best of both worlds as it celebrates the aesthetics of simpler times without forcing us to abandon our modern lifestyle. This combination creates a harmonious balance of the old and new coming together. Simultaneously, it is able to produce a cohesive look that also gives your place more character.

Modern Farmhouse adds a refined and elegant touch which makes it more contemporary than rustic. Nevertheless, this sophisticated take on the well-loved farmhouse style is easy to achieve and personalize.

Now, lets start creating a Modern Farmhouse look for your home.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your home or add a sense of warmth, coziness, and character, take a look at these tried-and-true design elements to create inviting spaces for you, your family and friends.

1. Start with wood

The use of wood plays such a central role in modern farmhouse design. Not only because wood has been the main component of early-day farmhouses, but it also does a good job of bringing nature indoors. By incorporating wooden flooring, furniture, shelves, counters, decor, accents, and more, you can instantly bring a homely, farmhouse charm to your space.

MODERN FARMHOUSE Interiors: What Is It and How To Do It at Home | CUBICOON

Photo source: Pexels | Tommy McGarth

When it comes to choosing the type of wood, go for what is readily available – reclaimed, weathered, untreated, dark, light, you name it. These are great materials that introduce rustic vibes to your home. Aside from this, furniture crafted from natural wood is also a great way to add snugness and texture into your space.

Similar to other utilitarian buildings like barns, cabins, sheds, and outhouses, the use of shiplap, a type of overlapping wooden boards, can also enhance the visual character of your modern farmhouse. With its strong lines and handcrafted feel, it gives an austere yet warm look. Plus, it’s a great way to balance the use of color in the room. While the shiplap background has a light color, other elements in the room can act as accents to brighten up the space.

modern farmhouse interior design style

Photo source: Honey Bear Lane

2. Decorate with natural fibers

Still rooted in practicality and comfort, modern farmhouse decor relies on using natural materials and fabrics to make your space feel cozier. Fabrics like cotton and linen are oftentimes used to add different layers and textures to the space. After all, one of the main tenets of farmhouse style is to create a well-designed dreamy nook.

When choosing fabrics, pair different patterns, and materials like a chunky cotton blanket and a hand-knit throw in a similar color palette to exude a relaxed vibe. This will make your modern farmhouse look more curated and put together.

For a more feminine look, you can opt for traditional fabrics like gingham and or those with floral and paisley patterns. Using these as slipcovers for sofas can also add a homey feel to your vintage furniture.

Just take note not to overdo your layering to keep the look contemporary. A careful balance is still needed to prevent your home from looking too eclectic.

modern farmhouse living room with natural fibers

Photo source: Mindy Gayer Design Co.

3. Complement neutral backgrounds with contrasting colors

Modern farmhouses use predominantly white color for a simple and accessible look. It is reminiscent of whitewash, which was commonly used in traditional farmhouses.

These days, neutral colors are used to update the look and establish a clean and fresh feeling while adhering to a contemporary design style. It’s a good way to create a more spacious and seamless look as you move from one room to another. Using a neutral base also brightens up the space and will work well to highlight statement pieces that decorate your home.

Furthermore, to give your farmhouse a ‘modern’ twist, use darker, more contrasting colors to complement your neutral-colored background. Warmer colors like burnt orange, mustard yellow, olive green, burgundy red, and charcoal grey accents add a modern touch to your country-style setup.

Combining these colors also enhances your space, making it the perfect juxtaposition to your white background.

MODERN FARMHOUSE Interiors: What Is It and How To Do It at Home | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Lauren Katz

4. Create a light and airy space

An open concept floor plan and larger windows can maximize the look and feel of a modern farmhouse. While these are more contemporary enhancements compared to their traditional counterparts, these changes allow for more air and light to flow through.

The utilization of windows opens up the room to more natural light, which is a great way to brighten it up as it reflects on the white walls. Plus, sheer, airy curtains can be used to soften the light and create a billowy and breezy look. This easily makes your home feel light and inviting.

Photo source: Houzz

Another contemporary touch to add to your home would be the addition of a modern slider door. This seemingly small change makes a whole lot of difference to your space – it is a practical and stylish upgrade to the barn door.

Or, to make your space even more expansive, choose a clear glass sliding door that will seamlessly blend your interior space with the outdoors.

modern farmhouse design style with sliding barn doors

Photo source: Jennifer Boomer

modern farmhouse interior design with clear sliding doors for indoor outdoor flow

Photo source: Architectural Window Systems

5. Reinvent your kitchen and dining space

The Farmhouse kitchen is probably what most people associate with this interior design style. No surprise there. The kitchen is one of the busiest places in a traditional farmhouse. Similarly, it is the space that can define the tone of your modern farmhouse.

The most popular feature to update your kitchen with would certainly be open shelving. Besides making your everyday household items like mugs, chopping boards, dishes, and spices easily accessible, it also serves as a beautiful design element.

Open shelves and cabinets allow you to display your beautiful dinnerware collection alongside antiques and knick-knacks to add more personality to your space. It will surely bring pops of color to your space against the white background. Best part is, by adding simple and rustic floating shelves, you can bring a farmhouse look without placing a strain on your budget.

kitchen that follows the modern farmhouse interior design style

Photo source: Flickr | Chalon Handmade Kitchen

Apron-front sinks and butcher block counters also add an authentic feel to your modern farmhouse. These two center points in the kitchen are quintessentially considered unique farmhouse elements and therefore make your space feel more relaxed and homey.

Also, like any home, the kitchen and dining area are essential spaces for this is where everyone comes together. The kitchen is the hub of family life – no statement is more true when it comes to the traditional farmhouse style.

That’s why an important feature of a modern farmhouse is the use of an open concept design that keeps the kitchen and dining area connected. More communal living leads to more socializing across the household and flying conversations. Couple this with large kitchen counters to further reinforce the expansive feel of the room and up its inviting atmosphere.

In line with this, add more barstools by the kitchen counters to give extra space for family and friends to sit down and stay awhile. This simple element gives off a classic yet modern look, without it seeming too grand.

Photo source: Curbed

6. Combine vintage and contemporary

Modern Farmhouse is all about balancing the rustic feel of a country home and the contemporary touches to give it a modern look. Therefore, it requires the combination of sleek minimalist lines, the clean palette of stainless steel, and weathered wood finishes. Think untreated wood, exposed beams, white tiles matching seamlessly with a marble countertop.

To drive home that authentic country home feel, add unique fixtures and wooden accents and achieve an unfinished and organic look. Similar to a cottage or loftlike room, wooden accents and furniture make the room feel warm and intimate.

At the same time, integrating your modern decor with your vintage finds can also help add your personality to your home. A good example would be pairing a classic wall decor with a family picture or matching your old sofa with modern chairs for a balanced look.

living rooms in the modern farmhouse design style

Photo source: Teasel Wood Design

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