8 Ways to Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom


Where do you get your design inspiration from? Instagram maybe?

If so, then you might have seen your fair share of ‘Instagram-worthy’ or ‘Instagrammable’ photos. Similarly, you’re probably well-versed with the thumb-stopping moment that makes you pause, stare, and save for future inspiration. 

This term is equivalent to eye-catching and awe-inspiring places, spaces, architecture, experiences – you name it. After all, when we see something beautiful and maybe even noteworthy, we are captivated and quick to praise. The same can be said about home design and improvement. 

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @1930s_semi_charmed_life

When we see a beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing room, we want to incorporate our favorite parts of it into our own. More often than not, these spaces feature unique design choices that can easily make them stand out. They come in different styles, some delightfully pristine, while others are strikingly poppy. Though whatever interpretations they take, all of these Instagram-worthy rooms are pleasing to look at, uncluttered, and charming in their own right.

If you’re also looking to make your bedroom the best it can be, read on to uncover how to arrive at that coveted Instagram-worthy status. 

But before the top 8 ways, some ground rules:

  • First, nobody wants to see a room with random pieces of clothing littered on the floor. So, stay tidy and decrease clutter by using functional storage solutions. It also doesn’t hurt to assess what you already own, categorize, and select what you want to keep and donate. This will open up your space and make it picture-perfect ready. 
  • Second, you’ll notice that the space has a well-thought out theme and color scheme, making you feel like it’s very well-put together and every piece has its purpose. 
  • Third, keep in mind that you are not only decorating a room to make it look good, but it better feel good as well. That said, invest in things that you love and be ready to set aside things you don’t. 

No matter what style you are flaunting, our carefully curated tips will help you create the bedroom you have been dreaming of. 

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @ballarddesigns

1. Choose a mood and theme for your bedroom 

As a start, find an interior style you resonate with. There are a lot of choices to choose from, get to know some of the more popular ones like Japandi, coastal grandmother, industrial, and many more. Understanding what you like can help give a consistent theme throughout your space. 

When it comes to picking a bedroom design, one important aspect to consider is the atmosphere – make sure it’s a space where you feel comfortable and happy in. Then, look for pegs and ideas online to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. Look for photos with colors and interior decor that draws you in. 

Photo source: Instagram | Left: @collectiblebrooks, flaunting granny chic interiors, Right: @exactlydesigns, keeping it classy with mid-century modern style

If you still aren’t sure, then there’s no need to fret. We got your back with our handy guide to help you discover the design style for you!

2. Create a well-thought out color scheme 

To create a well-designed bedroom, a consistent color scheme is a must. It will make your space look all the more pleasing and attractive. 

For a minimalist approach, stick to neutral colors or pastel tones to keep your interiors clean and elegant. Doing so would also make your bedroom appear light-hearted and bright. Conversely, if you want to go for a look that’s bolded, then go with brighter pops of color. This can create spaces that feel more fun and young. 

For those who are more willing to commit, we would suggest creating an accent wall. This can either be painted with earthy tones, covered with beautiful wall paper or designed as a mural with a unique illustration that will surely make people ohh and ahh. Considering that most Instagram shots stick to a minimalist theme, your room can stand out even more with bolder colors and prints. 

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @styledbydi

Pro tip: For a more cohesive look, determine what your primary and secondary colors would be. For example, if you are into the coastal look, then use shades of blue for your bedding and throw blankets. While some lighter shades of yellow and orange for your pillows or wall decor can brighten up your beachy look. 

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom with a coastal feel | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @oakleymooreinteriordesign

3. Lighting like you mean it

Lighting is oftentimes overlooked, but it’s actually a major factor in influencing your mood and your room’s vibe. As a matter of fact, the right lighting can truly transform a space and can even make a huge difference when it comes to taking photos. 

When choosing the ideal lighting for your bedroom, think about the desired effect that you want to achieve. If you want to create a cozy room, choose ambient lighting. Yellow tones or warm lighting is the perfect fit for the bedroom. It’s similar to the glow of a fireplace or a candle, making it ideal for creating a cozy sanctuary. 

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom with creative warm lighting | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @tantefrida

You can also use recessed or dimmed lighting to create that soothing environment. Similarly, pendant lights and cove lighting are also great options to make your bedroom even more inviting and add a little more depth. For a more magical and romantic look, use fairy lights to frame the corner or your walls or your windows. These would do incredibly well with the hygge aesthetic which is all about embracing comfort. 

If you want to create a cool and calm vibe to complement your minimalist interiors, you can also make use of natural light and whiter lighting to help show off your pastel and neutral tones. 

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom with cool minimalist vibe | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @amybartlam

Pro tip: The wrong lighting and light positioning can change the vibe of the room. So try experimenting with different lamps to light up different parts of your bedroom and create dreamy room snaps. 

4. Dress your bed with linens and layers 

You’ll notice in any Instagram-worthy bedroom, the bed is the focal point that brings out the coziness in the image. That said, dressing your bed is a vital aspect in reinventing your space, and when done right, it can make your bedroom look and feel amazing. 

Start by covering up your mattress with linens of your choice and layer it with blankets or patterned throws. You can also dress your bed by draping these layers over each other, and even allow it to trail over the floor. After that, you can add macrame cushions to your bedroom decor to help your bed build up in shape and allow it to look even more inviting. 

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom with dark accent walls and linen | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @ireneburg7

When it comes to choosing your bedding, consider the material. Bamboo looks smooth and feels cool to the touch. Whereas French linen looks rugged, rustic, and lived in. Depending on your bedroom’s theme, the bedding can also make your space look more cozy or luxurious.

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom with rustic and rugged vibe | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @lonefox

If you’re into Korean drama-style bedrooms, you can try the pastel-colored bedding for a soft aesthetic. Just like the bedroom below, the pastel blue sheets and pillowcases instantly make the space look more dreamy and inviting. Doesn’t it make you want to dive in?

Luckily, these beddings can be easily found in multiple online stores, making your k-drama dreams one step closer to reality!

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom with a Kdrama-inspired pastel hue | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @salgu.home

5. Add plants to your bedroom decor 

Whether you have a colorful room that’s full of charm or a minimalist room that exudes Japandi elegance, plants are an easy addition to decorate it. The interesting silhouettes, deep lush greens, and its versatility in framing a room makes them all the more necessary to breathe new life into your bedroom – and any room for that matter. 

Aside from that, plants also bring a multitude of benefits that can positively impact your wellbeing and even your mental health. Studies show that the presence of plants can help one calm down and feel at ease. Even the practice of taking care of plants can be therapeutic.

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom filled with indoor plants | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @marienova

You can decorate using different types of plants. Place hanging ones on a high shelf so its leaves can trail down beautifully to create a warm look. Go for big, tall and lush plants like the fiddle leaf fig tree at the edge of the room. Its large leaves are eye-catching and are a focal point to an otherwise overlooked corner of your bedroom. 

Big, leafy plants that don’t require too much light or maintenance like the parlor palm, can also brighten up corners of your room. While some fresh flowers in artistic cases are great props for Instagram photos. The best part? These natural colors add a touch of nature and softness into your room.

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom with fresh flowers on a bedside table | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @liw_home

Pro tip: You can also use faux plants or trendy dried flowers to decorate your space. They are easy to stage for the perfect look. Plus, dried flowers have their own attraction with its rustic beauty similar to that of wildflowers. 

6. Your walls play a big part

Your walls hold a lot more potential than you think. If utilized well, your wall won’t only free up space, but can also show off unique decor pieces that will truly make your room Instagrammable

For starters, use your wall as vertical space. Think tall bookshelves, mounted tv’s, and framed photos in a gallery. Apart from that, explore the functionality of double duty furniture like floating workstations that can also be used as plant holders (perfect for small spaces). 

After you decorate your walls, it will be the backdrop of a lot of your photos. So, it helps if it can complement your interiors and design style very well. If you choose a colorful and stunning wall design like the inspiration below, then it can instantly make your space stand out. Or, enhance an elegant look if that is what you are going for. 

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom with a dreamy wall design | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @modernbedspace

Conversely, you can choose a neutral tone for your main wall. This would also mean utilizing more eye-catching interior decor to enliven your space.

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom with eye-catching decor in a neutral space | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @katiehodgesdesign

7. Decorate with carpets and area rugs 

Your choice of rugs – whether they may be fluffy, patterned, or textured can add more color and personality that can really bring your theme home. A brightly colored rug with intricate details is perfect for a boho inspired space. Whereas a soft-as-a-cloud rug would be a great way to soften the room’s overall atmosphere and make it more cozy in the process.

When it comes to using carpets or rugs to jazz up your space, don’t be afraid of going ‘beyond the rectangle’. Just like the inspiration below, the classic rectangular shape is replaced by a playful round design. These types of rugs can be great for softening your space. Plus, it can even be another piece of artwork or the focal design point of your bedroom.

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom with interesting round rugs | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @ohh.happyhome

Moreover, rugs are the perfect way to hide flaws in your flooring. That said, it’s a versatile tool for the perfect bedroom photo. 

Pro tip: Rug placement is incredibly important as well. Make sure to place the rug for your bedroom centered under your bed, with equal rug area on both sides. Also, if you’re going for the regular rectangular-shaped rug, the bigger you go, the grander it will look and feel in your bedroom (no matter the size of your space)

8. Use artwork to your advantage

An Instagrammable bedroom has its own fair share of unique pieces that draw our attention. 

Like how you will use art to enliven a neutral main wall, the right pieces should fit the theme of your room and help to add more character and visual interest. If your bedroom is more muted and simple, large pieces that have more color can help brighten up the space.  

Art can also come in different forms. A flamboyant lamp, an antique typewriter, a stained glass chess set, or even a fuschia colored retro telephone can be considered art. Decorating your room with these little details can go a long way and can even be the difference between an okay or a cool bedroom.

Create an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom with one-of-a-kind art pieces on walls | CUBICOON

Photo source: Instagram | @bedroomdecor_ideas

The great thing about decorating with art is it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. A simple handmade work of art by you or your loved ones can be a beautiful addition; plus, it’s one-of-a-kind. The fact that the story behind the piece is a personal one only serves to make your space a more unique and personal haven.

Pro tip: Family pictures in wooden frames displayed on your wall or on top of your shelf are a great way to start. 

Take all of these tips to create a bedroom that you’re proud to share. Once you’re done and ready to post online, get these quick tips when it comes to taking the photo.

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