10 Clever Organization Ideas for a Beautiful Home


In an ideal world, we’d like our homes to look organized and put together. Although oftentimes, it can be harder said than done. Cleaning up can be a daunting and overwhelming task. 

But, it can also be worth it in the long run. Having a well-organized home can do wonders for our space and peace of mind. As they say, “a tidy home makes for a tidy mind”. By taking small steps to find an organization system that works for you, you give yourself a space to thrive.

No matter the size of your home, one of the best ways to give it some TLC is to keep it neat and orderly. This is true whether you are downsizing, looking to maximize storage or just want to find better ways to keep your space clear of clutter. 

With a little help from us, these tips will transform your space into a beautiful home. Whatever style you have at home, these can work well with your unique interiors and are easily applicable in various rooms.

Before we go through our tips, let’s just set some ground rules for a start. These ideas are foundational and essential when it comes to creating your own organization system.  

10 Clever Organization Ideas for a Beautiful Home | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | James Hollingworth

1. Declutter: The first step to organizing your home is a good purge. Declutter your home by setting aside things that you do not need and do not use. Do this room per room so you don’t overwhelm yourself. By doing this, you can assess how much space you actually have. Plus, a good decluttering does wonders for your motivation on this journey. 

2. Work with multi-purpose furniture whenever possible: Whether you have a big space or a tiny home, you can always maximize your space with style. Dual-purpose furniture like ottomans help you do just that. They work to enhance your personal aesthetics while keeping your belongings out of sight and still easy to reach when you need them. So, opt for multi-purpose shelves and furniture. You can swap out traditional seating for a storage bench or have a coffee table that can also store cups, saucers, and some magazines. 

10 Clever Organization Ideas for a Beautiful Home using vertical spaces

Photo source: Design Swan

3. Engage in some hide and seek: Organize your items in such a way that you are able to find the things you use on a daily basis. Place your keys by the door and your shoes, neatly placed on a tiered rack. For other seasonal or occasionally-used items like winter clothes, painting supplies, and surplus hangers, keep them hidden in the closet and storage boxes. Don’t let these cramp up your space. 

Now then, while keeping these ground rules in mind, let’s check out these organization ideas that will not only clear out clutter but also add to the beautiful aesthetics of your home. 

1. Transform your junk drawer into an everyday drawer

Everyday drawers tend to be the catch-all for things you think you don’t have space for – that wonky remote, old batteries, one-armed toys, you name it! They are home to the things we intend to put away later on, but never do. If (and only if) they hold some sentimental value can you keep them and remember to place an organization tray into your drawer where you can neatly place these things. This can help you put similar items together for easy access and an overall, cleaner look.

10 Clever Organization Ideas for a Beautiful Home | CUBICOON

Photo source: PxHere

This is especially helpful for keeping your jewelry, books, and daily necessities perfectly organized. Transparent or wooden drawer organizers can make your everyday drawer looking great, while helping you create spaces that serve a purpose. Make your drawers aesthetically pleasing by organizing your items by color or category. 

You can also try out this creative hack from Apartment Therapy which transforms the junk drawer into a charging station. It doesn’t only keep your devices tucked away in the same place, but it also keeps your chargers and cables out of sight. You can easily do this by drilling a hole at the back of your drawer, attach a power strip at the back wall of your drawer’s interior, and plug it into the wall.

Hidden outlets in drawers to keep wires out of sight

Photo source: Kitchen & Bath Design News

2. Maximize your ‘back-of-the-door’ storage 

Doors make for good vertical space designs and storage. Start with adhesive hooks and strips to take advantage of the inside of your cabinet’s doors. A good example of this are clear shoe pockets you can hang which are incredibly handy storage holes for a variety of things. Scarves, hats, gloves, and other accessories can be placed there as well. You can also do this in a damage-free way by using a rack to hang over the door.  

Another example could be adding some adjustable metal baskets to the back of your bathroom door. Doing this can give you plenty of extra space to place your toiletries, medicine, and cleaning supplies without taking over your countertop. Having everything displayed and visible at a glance also makes it easier to know if you’re running low on some essentials.

Photo source: Pinterest Better Homes & Gardens (Left) | Drivenbydecor (Right)

Want to put it up a notch? Install a shelf on top of your door for extra storage. This would be great for your bathroom, living room, or garage – another, not-so-commonly done, way you can utilize to maximize your vertical space. 

However, remember to remain intentional as you are adding to your space. Increasing pockets for storage shouldn’t lead to increasing the amount of items in your home. Rather, it is meant to beautify and optimally organize your space for a tidy home that adheres to your lifestyle. Instead of filling them up with random stuff, it’s an opportunity to showcase decor and personal antiques that are meaningful to you. And maybe, a plant or two for that splash of natural greens.

Creating extra storage above the door

Photo source: Nest Architects

3. Make hooks your best friend 

Hooks are a budget-friendly and multi-purpose lifesaver in the world of creative organization tips. You can easily stick them anywhere and remove them without damaging your walls. They also come in many forms (command hooks, s-hooks, suction hooks and more) that can adhere to your interior style. 

A great way to organize your space is by using hooks in your entryway. Decorate them to create simple yet beautiful touches to your space. Take the photo below (on the left) as an example. The matte black hook stands out amidst the white walls and complements the use of natural materials, creating a minimalist modern design that can suit any home.

Photo source: Style By Emily Henderson (Left) | Hooks Magazine (Right)

You can also use hooks to hang a wire basket under your desk to keep messy cords hidden and off the floor or use them to hang your pot behind the cabinet door to save space. 

They are also incredibly convenient and easy to use. Command hooks can be placed by the door to hang up almost any miscellaneous items and free up floor space. Hang jackets, keys, bags, and other things so you can easily get them the next time you’re headed out the door. Another versatile hooks are s-hooks which are usually used in the kitchen for pretty cups or to hang plants and beautify your space (like that image on the right above).

4. When you can’t go high, look below

If you’ve made the most of your vertical space or if you prefer to keep your walls bare, then optimize your under-the-furniture storage. In the bedroom, this will be under your bed where you can place extra beddings, clothes, and other items. This is also a great option for those who have limited closet or drawer space. 

There are a lot of options for these – wheeled, foldable, or weaved. Choose one that fits your aesthetic and won’t damage your floor. Also, make sure that the container of your choice is durable and has a tight lid to keep your things safe from dust and bugs. 

Under-the-bed storage for beddings and other linens

Photo source: Floyd

Take note that unlike food in the fridge, sealed plastic containers may not be the best option to store linens and clothes since they trap moisture. To make sure your clothes stay fresh longer, go for a fabric container, wooden storage, or lined baskets. 

For a fun take, choose materials and colors that blend well with the design style you are going for. For a minimalist look, neutrals and natural materials are a great choice. If you are looking to keep a colorful & bohemian-inspired home, then you can use darker colors to complement your space and bring the attention back to your decor. Here, play around with eye-catching crates or baskets to store your things and brighten up your space.

5. Use lazy susans in the corners of your pantry

Maximize every bit of your space by using the not-so-lazy susan. Lazy susans are simple but incredibly useful creations. 

It’s the secret to turning cramped, unusable, and awkward spaces or corners into a useful part of your pantry. A great way to utilize this is by organizing what you place in them. One can be used simply for your different spices or herbs, while another for condiments, where you can store things like ketchup, peanut butter, and hot sauce. Organizing your lazy susan by category helps you see and remember where everything is in your pantry and when it’s time to replenish them. 

Photo source: Houzz (Left) | Kitchen Craft Cabinetry (Right)

This cool decor isn’t limited to the kitchen, the lazy susan is also applicable in different parts of the home. Its rotating feature allows for ample storage that can be accessed quickly so it’s also great for work stations, dining room tables, and the garage. The same idea follows, organize them by category and you’ll easily find what you want, whenever you may need them. 

If you are planning to place your lazy susan out in the open, then use this opportunity to choose a color and style that would work well with your interiors. Simple, single toned lazy susans typically work best so it can blend well with your decor.

Looking for other ways to make a big impact in small kitchens? See our guide here.

6. Organize and decorate with tension rods

Tension rods are budget-friendly, easy to install, and stylish. They’re not only made to be used for bathroom curtains, but they can also be used to creatively organize and decorate your home without leaving a permanent mark (renters and avid redecorators, rejoice!)

To organize, you can hang a tension rod beneath your kitchen sink to store things as needed. Just make sure that they’re strong enough to carry the weight of anything you plan to hang. At the same time, you can also use it as a gift wrap organizer, and makeshift purse hanger to add to your closet space. 

To decorate, use small tension rods and your choice of fabric to create your own cafe curtains slightly above your window sill. We found this tip from HGTV and it’s loved for how this simple hack can brighten up your space in no time. Simply slide a handful of curtain clip rings along the length of a tension rod, hang it in the center of your window, then clip up the napkins. You can also use tension rods to hang fresh herbs and dress up your window. 

Photo source: Green Street Blog (Left) | Meetboxon (Right)

7. Label and use stackable containers to up your game

Keep your space looking clean and organized by utilizing stackable containers. You can use transparent plastic tubs to store your kitchen items in cupboards. Make sure you get the ones with a handle to make it easy to pull out when needed instead of digging for things in the back. Organizing your items into these containers can also help you mentally categorize your belongings. 

These aren’t limited to big containers, you can also do the same in your fridge. Stackable, spill-proof, and clear containers are perfect since they allow you to easily see the contents of each. 

To up the ante in organization plus design, keep your fridge looking pristine by color-coordinating the contents! Think strawberries, dates and tomatoes stacked on the left side, carrots and oranges coming right beside it. Keep your soda cans on another level right beside neatly arranged stacks of yogurt. Additionally, organizing your kitchen like this is a must for those who love to meal prep. This will help you plan out, find, and organize your weekly recipes. 

Photo source: Pinterest mDesign Home Decor (Left) | Pinterest Maddie Guo

Seeing your closet or shelf space organized and labeled is a beautiful sight. This can make your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or garage look and feel very put-together. Plus, the best part is everyone at home will be reminded to put things back to where they belong (hopefully!). Creating the intended home for your things organizes your space in a more efficient manner.

8. Portable storage carts are the way to go

Storage carts can easily be moved wherever you may need them. They can also be used for pretty much anything you want. With different sizes and styles, you can easily place them in any room without having it clash with your interiors – as if it were just another piece of furniture.

Given its easy maneuverability, you can stack it with books in the hallway, art supplies in the study room, vegetables in the kitchen, and as additional drawers in your WFH space. Depending on the design, it can also serve as additional vertical and extra tabletop space in any part of your house. 

Photo source: Food52

9. Convert old items into new storage spaces

Breathe new life into your old belongings by repainting them or repurposing them into new storage spaces. Just like the industrial design trend which takes old things like metal stools, and workbenches, and transforms them into pieces that would add character and visual interest in your modern home. 

This is also a chance to flex your creative muscles. Repurposing items isn’t always so straightforward. To start, you can take an old yet sturdy crate and turn it into a small coffee table. Stack them up and you can create a small stand to place your books, blankets, sweaters, and other essentials. 

Another idea is to take vintage suitcases or trunks, use them as storage, and stack them up to serve as another surface for vases and other decorative items. Plus, this is a great way to make antique items shine and add a conversation piece (and centerpiece) that will surely make your home stand out!

Converted old chest not an eye-catching center table in the living room

Photo source: New Perspective Design

10. Transform the corners of your house

Think of that space in every room that you don’t really know what to do about – the corner of your laundry room, a wasted dead space in your bedroom, the little balcony that’s long been forgotten, the garage that’s badly lit. Oftentimes, these spaces are overlooked. But when given some TLC and organized, these areas can add to the beauty of your home. 

Learn to look at these spaces with new eyes. Clean them out; these places can still serve as extra storage, additional seating space, and an opportunity to add greenery in your home. In some cases, you can transform these spaces into a reading nook for your own personal sanctuary. In other cases, it can be a spot to utilize the free wall space by hanging family portraits or framed art pieces to add more life into your space. 

Little corner beside a bookshelf transformed into a cozy reading nook

Photo source: Decoist

Lastly, organizing the whole house won’t be fun unless the end result is something that looks great to you! Remember, organize your space by being intentional and inventive.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

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