8 Ways to Create an Instagram-Worthy Bathroom


When decorating our homes, we usually zoom in on spaces that get a lot of attention – living rooms, kitchens, and the bedroom. And when it’s finally time to design the bathroom, we opt for a simple cozy bath rug and maybe some matching towels, greenery, and a cute decor or two to complete the look. 

However, we’d like to think that the bathroom is an essential space that deserves as much attention, care, and energy as the others. After all, it is a space that has the potential to help you unwind and just be you. So, turning your bathroom into a space that reminds you of cozy comfort and a spa-like sanctuary can make you feel good.

Let’s not forget that it’s also the place that anyone who comes over is likely to use so it wouldn’t hurt to make it as lovely and inviting as it is convenient and functional. 

That said, get ready to be inspired by the bathrooms of Instagram on your next upgrade. In these photos, you’ll find beautifully designed bathrooms decorated with vivid tiles, eye-catching colors, natural furniture, and even elegant storage solutions that add a whole new life to this underrated space. 

We compiled a few of our favorite tips to help you find ways to achieve the dream bathroom you’ll love. 

Before jumping into these tips, let’s first start with the basics: Tidying up. 

Trust us, there’s nothing worse than a cramped and cluttered bathroom. To start, get a vanity that provides a lot of storage to keep your belongings hidden and organized. This will also come in handy in keeping your countertops free from a variety of beauty products, toiletries, and cleaning essentials. At the same time, you can also utilize floating shelves to hold and make visible your cute decor, plants, books, and air freshener. 

When it comes to other necessities, you can use wooden or eco-friendly canisters for a warm and chic space. And bonus tip, It would look so much better when you have matching storage boxes for a unified and clean aesthetic.

8 Ways to Create an Instagram-Worthy Bathroom

Photo source: Instagram | @themoderncottageclt

Now that we’ve set that straight, read on to discover how you can create your Instagram-worthy bathroom.

Whether you have a generous space or just a tiny home, these tips can still make your bathroom feel like a luxurious retreat. With our fresh ideas, you can transform any bathroom, powder room, or even a single shower stall into a place for relaxation and rejuvenation.  

1. Create a statement with a tiled accent wall

You might see this more in living rooms but believe me, your bathroom needs this too. And to create this you’ll need color. 

Start by embracing colored tiles in your bathroom design. By default, tiles are the best alternatives for bathrooms for being waterproof and easier to wash or brush. Just with this first step, you can already change the whole look of your space so it’s important to pick wisely.

Plaster your chosen tiles on, floor-to-ceiling, to give your bathroom an elevated look that can also act as a gorgeous showpiece. Use this as an accent wall to easily create a focal point while adding color, texture, and character to your bathroom. We suggest you pick the wall behind your vanity or another wall with two corners framing it to pull this off. Or, you can even go with both, just like this bathroom below. 

8 Ways to Create an Instagram-Worthy Bathroom

Photo source: Instagram | @isabellapatrickinteriors

If bright, bold colors aren’t for you, a toned down approach works for this point too. To get a more minimalist look, go for subtle, neutral tones like light blues, beiges, and baby pinks that add elegance to your bathroom. On the other hand, that vibrant and bold green in the image above gives off a modern feel. Still not sure? Combine both for a more balanced look – just make sure to balance it well and not to overpower the space especially if you have a smaller-sized bathroom.

For a budget-friendly option, transform half of your wall with eye-catching tiles. It doesn’t only save on materials but it’ll also create an interesting composition that can make your bathroom stand out. Since you don’t have your tiles all the way up, this will open up options for you to decorate with fixtures, customize with paint colors, and personalize your bathroom further. 

Photo source: Instagram | @houseofchais

For smaller bathrooms, remember to use similar colored paint for the other half to create a smooth transition from one part to another. Doing so doesn’t only create a more cohesive look, but it also makes the space feel more expansive and open. 

2. Switch out your hardware

If you’re not yet ready to tile up your bathroom or replace big things like your sink, then get creative with small furnishings to give your bathroom an updated look. We’re talking about finally swapping your bland hardware and replacing them with something closer to the aesthetic you are going for. 

This next tip is perfect for renters who are looking to add pizazz in their space without changing too much. But first, make sure to keep the original hardware in a safe place so you can restore everything when the time comes.

You can never go wrong with gold as they go with almost any style or color scheme. For example, these work well with coastal interiors that prioritize light and airy textures, soft colors, and a wide open feel. The metallics enhance the elegance of the breezy space. At the same time, you can also pair these metallic furnishings, like this gold framed mirror, with a black and white bathroom to add warmth against the monochrome design. 

8 Ways to Create an Instagram-Worthy Bathroom

Photo source: Instagram | @cheliushouseofdesign

For a more subdued effect, you can opt for copper or brass as accent pieces in your hardware, fixtures, lights, and even small decor items. These can create a big impact in your bathroom and add a pop of color.

If you’d like to lean into a more minimalist bathroom design, then go for matte black hardware for a bold and sophisticated look. These also work well as a nice contrast against light-colored furniture and white walls. 

Photo source: Instagram | @klinteriors

3. Design a beautiful and functional shampoo niche

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, don’t forget the trusty shampoo niche. It’s a great way to add built-in storage for your shower essentials, and a much better alternative to the bulky and oftentimes, unattractive, shower organizer.  

Shower niches are like permanently recessed vertical shelves that are waterproof, making it extremely versatile and easy to clean. At the same time, it can be a creative focal point in your bathroom design! What’s not to love?

To create some contrast, use brightly colored glass tile on the back wall to give the shower space more color and interesting detail. If you’re attempting to do this, we suggest keeping your main wall minimalist to make your niche pop out even more. 

8 Ways to Create an Instagram-Worthy Bathroom

Photo source: Instagram | @thehavenly

You can never really go wrong by matching the color on your floor with the back wall of the shampoo niche. It won’t only make your bathroom feel coordinated, but it can also make it look clean and clutter-free. Plus, as a finishing touch, elevate your aesthetic by placing your shampoo and conditioner in minimalist containers for a simple way to make your bathroom even more attractive. 

4. Ditch the standard square mirror on your vanity

You might not have guessed it, but bathroom mirrors are actually versatile design features that can make a huge difference to the overall look of your space. Choose the right mirror and you can add instant elegance, while maximizing light and increasing your perception of space in your bathroom.

On your journey to getting that Instagram-worthy bathroom, consider ditching the overused square mirror. Instead, go for different shapes like oval or hexagon for something else entirely. To up the ante more, you can also forgo straight edge mirrors for the more fluid and wavy mirrors that can give your bathroom a retro look. As for its frames, get creative by using steel, copper, or even live wood edges. 

Photo source: Instagram | @villavonkrogh (Left) | @thetileclub (Right)

Give your bathroom some personality by embracing bold colored frames. Just like your hardware, your mirror frames can also be an upgrade to add accent and character to your space. Another interesting design with a fun twist is by having LED lights behind the mirror to cast a soft, hazy glow around it, giving the illusion that it’s floating.

When it comes to positioning your mirror, consider placing it opposite your window to reflect the outdoors and make your bathroom feel bigger than it actually is. If this isn’t enough, go all the way with full wall mirrors to make your bathroom look even larger.

5. Bathroom sinks FTW

When it comes to decorating a stylish bathroom, consider upgrading your sink and make it a show piece that is both unique and eye-catching. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Go for a brightly colored artisan sink for a rustic look. Or, maybe a marble one partnered with a marble countertop too for a truly luxurious space. Alternatively, your statement sink can also come in the form of an eclectic artisan or a pastel concrete sink. A stylish touch that ensures your spa sanctuary is never boring. Plus, it makes your sink the focal point that immediately draws the attention of anyone whoever needed to visit your bathroom.

8 Ways to Create an Instagram-Worthy Bathroom

Photo source: Instagram | @kastconcretebasins

There are other ways to customize your sink further. Take some notes from this bathroom we’re loving. This modern bathroom below features a wall-mounted console with exposed sink plumbing for a sleek look. It also has this dazzling terrazzo countertop that brightens up the whole room. To top it off,  the material used for the legs also match the other hardware and lighting pieces to create a cohesive look. 

8 Ways to Create an Instagram-Worthy Bathroom

Photo source: Instagram | @bathroom_decor

If you’re looking for a simpler upgrade, go for a trough sink instead of the usual round or square shape. This modern and chic piece is also a real space saver, especially if you’re sharing the bathroom with someone. Alternatively, if you have a smaller bathroom, go for a vanity that does not only look good but also holds a lot of your bathroom essential items.

6. Artwork on walls will fit your bathroom perfectly

Hanging artwork on your walls is a sure way to spruce up any space in your home, and the same can be said about your bathroom. 

With a few additions of some art pieces, you’ll be able to transform your bathroom from an overlooked space at home into a small in-house gallery where you can display any prints, art work, or photography. 

Go for pieces that can complement your overall decor. If you have a minimalist space, try choosing figure artwork or line art that adds a touch of elegance into your space. In contrast, open yourself up to fun pieces that go with a more colorful bathroom interior. Or, since bathrooms can be our very own spa, look for pieces that simply invite serenity with your favorite photos of the beach or clean, decorative vases. 

Photo source: Instagram | @hill.house.design (Left) | @kateguinnessdesign (Right)

Since you are placing these pieces in a humid room, you might want to go for moisture-proof art. A printed piece in a glass or metal frame is a great choice to start with. Also, stay away from wooden frames as they tend to expand and contract due the changing temperatures. Alternatively, go for canvas art as it’s pretty durable, affordable, and replaceable as well. 

When placing your artwork in the bathroom, make sure you keep it slightly further from the surface or even near an open window so that air can flow around it and prevent moisture from collecting. As much as possible, avoid hanging your painting near the steamiest and dampest spot near the shower. 

Follow these tips, and you’ll be walking into a stylish bathroom designed beautifully with your favorite art pieces.

7. Choose the right shower curtains 

Shower curtains do a lot more than keep your bathroom floor relatively dry. This easy fix can instantly upgrade your bathroom in big ways. Since it spans nearly floor to ceiling, it’s almost like adding another wall for you to accessorize your space. 

Apart from adding a ton of color and character, they are also incredibly easy to install and change when you feel like it. This opens up your space to countless design possibilities that helps to keep your bathroom looking fresh and up-to-date with your personal style. 

Here’s a fun idea to try! Go for bright colors and prints like this pink shower curtain below to add a pop of color. When you’re going for a bold style like this, it helps to coordinate it with the rest of your color scheme so as not to overwhelm the room. 

You can also experiment with different styles to bring a whole new vibe into your bathroom. Check out the other image of an elegant and rustic bathroom. The lightly colored shower curtain with dainty floral prints create contrast to the white walls while complementing the overall theme. 

Photo source: Instagram | @terraandtint (Left) | @selinalake (Middle) | @chantelelshoutdesign (Right)

If not those two, take inspiration from the rightmost image of a bathroom that uses light colored fabric hung on a golden round shower rod to create a luxurious look that elevates the space. Shower curtains also do a great job of framing your bathing area – further creating a charming and cozy sanctuary for you to enjoy a truly rejuvenating bath.

8. Decorate with your bath towels

Now that you have updated your bathroom, it’s time to add some cozy elements to make it more inviting and homey. You can do this by taking some cues from a 5-star hotel or resort and decorate your space with fluffy towels. It’s a simple yet affordable way to take your bathroom interiors up a notch.

Add some soft towels in a wicker basket or woven basket for extra texture and color into the room. If you have a guest bathroom that’s frequently being used, you can also store your fresh towels in an open console vanity. 

For a more modern approach, hang your towels on a ladder towel rack and style it with natural decor like a woven light fixture and wooden stool. Combine this with a photograph of the ocean or pastel blue artwork for a delightful coastal look. 

Photo source: Instagram | @carolynleonadesign (Left) | @ironabode (Right)

Bonus tip: Some greens love living in your bathroom

Introducing some greenery into your home is a great way to add softness and color into any room. It does not only bring its own luscious beauty to a space, but can also do a lot to promote feelings of peace and tranquility. 

If you have fussy plants, consider putting them in your bathroom. Plants can actually benefit a lot from your bathroom, where they can get regular doses of moisture all around. 

Go for ferns, snake plants, begonias, and even orchids that can thrive in more humid environments, making them perfect for the bathroom. Check out this video by the Sorry Girls, to see how different plants can work well with low light spaces as well.

There are just so many ways to decorate your bathroom with plants. Display them in front of your bathroom mirror so it gets enough light, while also creating a lush look for your own indoor jungle. If you’re a plant lover, then take it a step further by installing a dedicated shelf for your greens. Pair this with handmade decor and a few well-placed candles for a spa-like sanctuary. 

Photo source: Instagram | @judithsplantyjungle (Left) | @nest_number_9 (Right)

Place them on your floating shelf or in suspended vases hanging from the wall or at the top corner of your bathroom. Spots like these are usually out of your entrance paths so you won’t have to worry about bumping your head against a pot.

Plants are also great for filling up empty, white spaces in your bathroom. Place cute succulent pots atop your flush tank to spice up that area. Or, move them to a neglected part of your bathroom like the corner of your sink, to cheer up the place. 

8 Ways to Create an Instagram-Worthy Bathroom

Photo source: Instagram | @ritachaninteriors

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