12 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Small Balcony


Okay, so you don’t have a sprawling backyard or a wide terrace. You have a tiny balcony and unsure how to redecorate it to give you that perfect outdoor time you crave when you’re home. 

Don’t worry. Many of us have the same dilemma. 

That’s why, we’ve come up with a dozen brilliant and easily doable ways you can choose from to design your small balcony. And bonus, it will definitely not cost a fortune. 

12 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Small Balcony | CUBICOON

Before we start discussing those design ideas, the first rule of thumb when decorating a balcony is to be conscious of the materials you use for this space. Everything should be outdoor-friendly. Here are some materials you can start with when selecting outdoor furniture:

  1. Resin wicker (sometimes called synthetic rattan): fashioned from polyethylene – recycled plastic that’s free from harmful chemicals – making it resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures and effects of UV rays. Go for polyethylene resin wicker that has been dyed all the way through, not just painted, for better durability.
  2. Wood options: opt for teak, cypress, cedar or redwood, if you’re looking for wood finishings for your balcony decor. They are known to be naturally rot resistant and can effectively withstand moisture if you add waterproof sealer
  3. Water hyacinth: a type of aquatic plant with slender stalked leaves that’s dried, cut and woven to make baskets or outdoor furniture, giving you a great outdoorsy feel. Fairly durable, water resistant and easy to clean – just use soapy water, wipe down and let dry.
  4. Plastic: straightforward option, no need to explain why…
  5. Wrought iron: very sturdy option and has a distinctive appearance. It is wind-resistant but needs to be treated with a weather-resistant finish to keep out moisture and prevent rust
  6. Furniture covers: if your balcony is not in use, you can better maintain your outdoor furniture all year round by placing water repellent covers on them
12 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Small Balcony | CUBICOON

Now that we have that down, let’s get down to business.

1. Minimalism is the first idea 

When it comes to a small space, minimalism is always a necessary approach. Having a lot of things cramping a spot will make it feel like clutter and unwelcoming. For your tiny balcony, make on focal points and add a few beautifying touches and voila, you’re good to go. 

Usually, the focal point would be a couch, an accent chair, or a lounge area. The exact spot where you’ll be cozying up while spending time in your private outdoor space. 

12 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Small Balcony | CUBICOON

2. Single-seat swing chairs

How can you not have a swing chair in your tiny balcony? Simply by placing this there, you’ll have elevated your space instantly and give yourself a happy little spot to relax and enjoy the view. Swing chairs are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to stay in – a win-win situation.

If it’ll be challenging to get a hook and hang it, you can opt for those swing chairs with a stand, they provide the same results; plus, you can move it around if you wish to reposition your spot.

It’ll be more fun if your small balcony allows two swing chairs, then you can hangout there with your best friend or partner. Otherwise, don’t force it. And decorate instead with other items you fancy from the list below.  

Small balcony with a swing chair, small table, hanging shelf and plants

Photo source: Design Cafe

3. Elongated or extra large lounger

Want to have a larger space to sit, lie down and relax? Go for a lounger instead. Or convert a whole side into a relaxing seating area. Don’t worry about it taking up the majority of the space because with this, the main purpose of your balcony is enjoying some sun on that lounge. 

With this cabana feel, you give yourself a little bit of a resort-feel right at home. If you have friends over, you can share the lounger and maybe add a small ottoman or garden stool for more seating. Don’t forget to cozy it up with some pillows and throws.

Cozy small balcony filled with a narrow couch, hanging shelf and warm light

Photo source: IG: @decodipetre

4. Convert into a reading nook 

In small apartments or tiny homes, it’ll be challenging to create a cozy reading nook or a private sanctuary. Therefore, make use of your balcony, no matter how small, and transform it into a cozy spot just for you. 

To convert it into a ‘me’ time spot, get an accent chair you love. Make sure it’s comfortable and inviting, choose the perfect spot for it and set. Now, you’ll look forward to curling up in that spot all the time. After that, you can soften the area using pillows, throws, some lanterns with warm lights and maybe an outdoor rug. Just remember to bring in whatever is not outdoor-friendly so they don’t become a soggy mess during rain or snow. 

12 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Small Balcony | CUBICOON

5. Beautify with plants 

The balcony is a perfect spot to have some greenery. Your plant babies will thrive here. Also, decorating any outdoor space is easiest with plants, no matter how small the area is. It will immediately breathe life into the space, lend it some warmth and make it inviting. 

If you’re worried about keeping the plants alive throughout the seasons, there are many plant types that thrive all year round. Don’t have a green thumb? Similarly, there are many beginner-friendly plants too. Another option is to create your own tiny herb garden. This way, not only will they beautify your balcony, you’ll also have some cooking ingredients ready. 

12 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Small Balcony | CUBICOON

6. Remember to use wall space

When it comes to decorating small spaces and tiny homes, looking vertical is the way to go. Don’t forget that your walls are empty spaces waiting for your magic touch too. When we suggested greenery and that herb garden earlier, you can create a green wall or an herb garden wall if you don’t want those pots to take up precious real estate. 

In order to make use of wall space, you can go with slat boards, peg boards, or install bars and hooks. Slat boards and peg boards give you more coverage because it allows you to cover the entire wall, then, you’ll have free rein on where to position your pegs and start decorating. On the other hand, bars and hooks only give you specific areas to spruce up. 

Both are equally pretty, depending on your style – do you want to go all out or are you looking for just a touch here and there? 

Full wall storage space of a small covered balcony

Photo source: Home-Designing

7. Floating tables

While we’re on the point of vertical designs, another way to make more use of your small balcony is through floating tables. If you see any tiny house or tiny apartment, it’s common to see floating pieces – floating tables, sconce lighting, floating work desks, etc. 

Bring this style to your small balcony. Drill small tables onto your walls so you’ll have a space for coffee or wine while enjoying some time out. You can also convert your balcony railing into a bar table if the building and space permits. With this, you don’t take up any floor space but give yourself another simple dining area. 

Floating table on one side of a small balcony for afternoon snacks

Photo source: IG: @tanjasovulj

8. Let go of furniture

If you’re into the soft, super cozy, hygge type of balcony, you can let go of furniture altogether. Instead, invest in a good quality outdoor rug and throw in large floor pillows and throws to make the spot as inviting as possible. 

Another interesting option is to have a hammock instead. This definitely brings it the outdoor feel and is also as comfortable and relaxing as a couch. Although with this, you’ll want to have a side table or garden stool for your mug, glass or book. 

Having a hammock in a small balcony

Photo source: Grand Circle Trails

9. Give it some privacy

Sometimes, we avoid the balcony because of nosy neighbors, especially when we live on lower floors and are easily visible. There are a few DIY ways for you to give it some privacy without having to go full-on construction mode. 

If you’re already considering using plants to decorate the space, also incorporate tall plants around the spot where you plan to sit and relax. You’ll have some privacy without sacrificing the view. Additionally, you can try going for fabric hangings, screen lattice or bamboo for a more ‘covered-up’ feel but still considered ‘outdoors’.

Once you have either of these up, enjoy your small outdoor space to heart’s content with peace of mind. 

10. Create some shade

Getting our daily dose of vitamin D is super important but if we’re planning to spend long hours on the balcony, it will help to get some shade. In a sort of similar vein to the previous point, this increases comfort and makes the space more relaxing as you balance out the light. 

You can hang sheer curtains (this also gives you that privacy you might need), maybe a large umbrella above your lounger to complete that beach-y, coastal feel. If not, try having a teepee as a shade over your large floor pillows to make it cute and pretty. Or, install a canopy to give it a little whimsical feel. 

Small balcony with privacy using sheer curtains

Photo source: The Everywhere Blonde

11. Soft lighting ambience

Spending nightly hours on the balcony can be magical if you have the correct lighting. Go for soft, warm lighting to create that whimsical and relaxing ambience. You can achieve this with stringed bulbs or fairy lights. They are easy to put up too. You can simply hang or circle them around your bamboo screens, wall decor and hooks, or just lay them atop your swing chair or couch. 

To give your lighting a bit more oomph, have outdoor lanterns of different sizes and put candles inside for that warm, inviting glow. Always remember to be careful with those candles. 

Small balcony made cozy using soft string lighting

Photo source: LegalLee Blonde

12. Pop of color

Lastly, to instill more personality and character to your small balcony, give it some pops of color. You already have green from the plants. Use the pillows, throws and rugs too. Just as these simple touches can provide a different spin to your indoor interior design theme, they can do the same to your outdoor space. 

If you’re looking for more, your table itself can be a loud color. Or paint one wall a quirky shade that blends with your indoor design. Another option is to use your flooring as the main eye-catching element of your balcony – many DIY projects use stencil and paint to easily change the look of their cement floors. 

12 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Small Balcony | CUBICOON

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