7 Design Ideas for the Perfect Date Night at Home


Thinking of treating you and your partner to something special? Different from the everyday mundane WFH situation?

A relaxing date night-in might just be the answer you’re looking for. 

There could be many reasons for wanting to spend the night in. And now with the pandemic, we’ve had to be creative in sprucing up our spaces when staying in to celebrate special occasions. 

But just because you don’t go out, book a table at a fancy restaurant or come up with extravagant ideas, doesn’t mean your date night-in can’t still be as fun, memorable and amazing – like how you’ve always imagined. 

7 Design Ideas for the Perfect Date Night at Home | CUBICOON

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First thing you have to do – clean. Declutter your space. 

Entering a dirty home could outright destroy the date night mood that hasn’t even started. You don’t need to clean your entire home, that might be too overwhelming. Just do the basics: throw smelly, stinky clothes into the laundry, wash dirty dishes and take out the trash. 

Then, focus on more thoroughly cleaning the space or room where you’re spending the evening in. 

Now that your space is ready, here are a few decor ideas that you can put together to create that ambience you want and make it date-ready. Best of all, these design ideas can be done both indoors or outdoors on your patio, backyard or balcony – depending on what you fancy.

1. Ambient lighting

“Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space; it’s one of the most important elements in all my interiors.” – interior designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz

Lighting can influence your space and mood. Dimmed lighting or ambient light is best used to set that romantic mood and create a relaxing, comfortable space. 

If your space already has cove lights or warm, pendant lights, use those. But don’t light them all up if you have several – just a few to give the space a glow. Fairy lights can also create that soft lighting that’s just enough to brighten up the space; plus, you can easily wrap them around a bedpost or hang them on a wall and highlight that specific area. 

Another option is tea-light candles. They’re inexpensive and can cast unique shadows that add a little something interesting to your date night. You can also try going for scented candles which can stimulate that part of our brains holding memories and emotions. 

7 Design Ideas for the Perfect Date Night at Home | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash | Svitlana

2. Open canopy or tent

If you’re looking for a slightly more unique experience, go for an open canopy or teepee setup, very fitting for that romantic night under the stars. If you have a spacious area at home, this can also give you the feeling of having an entirely new space.

To complete the look, lay down a thick rug, cozy up the spot with a lot of cushions and pillows and add in a throw to keep warm if you’re setting this up outdoors. A comfortable area where you can enjoy a meal, a few glasses of wine and cuddle up with your partner. 

Going one step further, try that first point and add in some fairy or string lights to give the entire space a warm, romantic glow. Or wrap some dried foliage and blooms to achieve that look of a fairytale date night of your dreams. 

7 Design Ideas for the Perfect Date Night at Home | CUBICOON

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3. Bring out the china

Have you always had fine dinnerware kept only for special occasions? Well, this would be an opportune time to take them out from your cupboard and make this night extra special. 

If you’re setting a 3-course meal, having take-out or making your own dinner and dessert, this tiny change can elevate your date night and add that touch of elegance. This would perfectly fit any nice table setting you’re planning indoors or outdoors. 

Couple the romantic ambience with the glistening crockery and it will feel like you’re in your own five-star restaurant feeling super comfortable while dining luxuriously. 

7 Design Ideas for the Perfect Date Night at Home | CUBICOON

Photo source: Pexels | Edward Eyer

4. Personalized design touches

To make the night extra memorable, add a few personalized touches, little secret tidbits that speak directly to both you and your partner. Tailor fitting the design of the night to special moments and memories between you two will have the experience stand out and probably make it much better compared to simply going out for an expensive dinner and a movie. 

Large monogram letters can be used as an eye-catching display. You can use your initials, a hashtag of your anniversary, or just spell out L-O-V-E – any of these will make a great decor and add meaning to the occasion. 

Another way is using pictures of your favorite captured moments together. You can hang polaroids around the walls using fairy lights, stick them up or place framed photographs and use it to brighten up the space. Just using this design that is close to your heart will be enough to make the space warm and romantic. 

7 Design Ideas for the Perfect Date Night at Home

Photo source: The Crimson Bride

5. Comfortable lower seating with pillows

For many, getting a romantic date night going starts with recreating a comfortable area away from the usual dining table and hard chairs. Find a spot – by the windows, near the fireplace, on the patio – and fill it with plush, homely seating, pillows and blankets. 

Sitting on the floor, surrounded by coziness, and enjoying each other’s company over an informal dinner, dessert and drinks can really create an intimate atmosphere and break down barriers. One quick tip: a fruit and cheese platter or smörgåsbord are great alternatives to the typical à la carte

The tender ambience from the softness of the area complemented by the mellow aura from the dimmed lighting transforms that space to something special. Away from any of life’s problems,  this tiny space serves as a protective cocoon for you and your partner to enjoy even just for the night. 

7 Design Ideas for the Perfect Date Night at Home | CUBICOON

Photo source: Pexels | Taryn Elliot

6. Movie projector

If you’re looking for a simple night of just snuggling on the couch and enjoying old favorite movies, then a movie projector is a worthy investment. 

The best thing about a movie projector is its portable; you can position your personal cinema wherever you want. During cold, wintry nights of the holiday season, this sounds like a perfectly lovely option to stay in and watch classic Christmas movies. In spring and summer, you can bring the movie projector out for a movie date night under the stars. 

Another plus point is this can easily be combined with the other design elements mentioned earlier. You can set this up for just you and your partner or have double dates with your bestie. Don’t forget to make some popcorn, soda and dessert for the complete movie experience. 

7 Design Ideas for the Perfect Date Night at Home | CUBICOON

Photo source: Unsplash

7. Create a dance floor

How long has it been since you and your partner danced? If it’s been a while or you can’t remember, now might be the perfect time to set up a special date night-in for that. Plus, this is not something you see everyday for a stay-at-home date night! 

A spacious home makes this easier because you can simply make use of that extra space and transform it with some light design touches like a makeshift dance floor. Or, you can always move this out to the backyard or patio if you prefer. 

If space is rather limited and outdoor is not an option, don’t worry. The space need not be big, you can move some furniture around to create enough area for your dance floor. This could be easiest in the living or dining room, even the kitchen, depending on the layout and which furniture is easier to move. 

Quite easily, once the space is allotted, you just need to spruce it up by laying down a light thin rug, or surrounding the area with candles or soft lights to define the space. Don’t forget the music, make sure to set up your favorite tunes. 

Now, dance the night away. 

7 Design Ideas for the Perfect Date Night at Home

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